What is REDFOX?
REDFOX is an insanely cool, independently-owned media production studio now making its home in Atlanta, GA.
REDFOX began its life as a young boy's dream of being a photographer. As time passed, it progressed into a hole-in-the-wall photography studio on the outskirts of Las Vegas, Nevada.  With tons of dedication (and a little luck) REDFOX grew into the beautiful, unique creature it is today.  
What kind of studio?
One of a kind.  Unique as fox.  REDFOX is a studio that was built upon a promise to deliver original and exceptional portraiture.  We also produce one-of-a-kind digital graphics, webpage design, and stunning, reliable videography services - to every client - at a more desirable price than our competitors.
Here in Atlanta, we're doing it BIGGER.  We can't simply produce outstanding media for our clients, we have to share the knowledge we've accumulated with other aspiring photographers on our blog so that they, too, can have a chance to make an honest living out of the art they create.
A blog, you say?
Indeed.  Our blog is a two-way vessel of information regarding photography, business, and everything in between.  Subscribers can give feedback, leave comments, and share how their own experiences have shaped their craft. We highly encourage our readers to Subscribe, so they never miss an opportunity to expand their skillset with helpful tools, weekly guides, and giveaways.  Not to mention, the opportunity to become an intrical part of that young boy's dream, and a permanent member of the REDFOX family.
And guess what else?
REDFOX now offers professional, high-volume printing services!  Create ultra-dynamic, timeless full-color posters, banners, signs, calendars, and more!  All prints can be up to 44 INCHES WIDE and you can't beat a 72 hour turnaround time!


Individual Portraits & Headshots

We are PROS at turning fleeting moments into everlasting memories. Portrait sessions include, but are not limited to: babies, kids, pets, families, and maternity.  see price details

Design, Branding, & Finishing Services

Whether you’re looking to reinforce your brand, establish a new identity, or promote your business, our fearlessly-creative media specialists can help you do it all.  more info

Real Estate (Aerial Imaging)

Take your listing to new heights with breathtaking UAV footage. With unique, hi-resolution images and stunning 4K video, you’ll soar miles above the competition.  (All Aerials shot with Phantom 4 Professional)  see price details

Videography Services

Let our creative experts help you bring your artistic vision to life in full 1080p HD. From interviews and product demonstrations to demo reels and even grand-scale music videos, we’ve got you covered.  more info

Weddings & Events

Like a well-dressed shark in the water, our REDFOX photographers capture every magical moment of your events so you can treasure them for years to come.  more info

Prints up to 44in Wide!

Create hi-resolution signs, banners, flyers, and posters. Establish credibility with professionally produced marketing materials.  more info


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