Pet photography is becoming quite popular...
Be a good owner.
Paw Prints are only a hundred bucks.
Let's face it.
Drones are the future.
And 4K aerial shots are flippin' gorgeous.
You can stop looking.
You found your people.
Now, let's create something together.
Yes, I offer traditional sittings like every other photo studio...
But mine are likely cheaper.
...and definitely way more fun.
Make yourself at home.
I did.
I live here.

What is REDFOX?

Glad you asked.   I’d love to tell you it’s a huge team of professional photographers and filmmakers that all work together to create the most amazing content the world has ever seen. 

Maybe one day. 

For now, though, it’s just me.  I was born and raised in a microscopic rural town in Southern Mississippi.  Thanks to my mother, I’ve had an unrelenting obsession with foxes since I was a kid.  After graduating college in 2015, I moved to Chicago to find production work, but ended up as a bartender doing freelance photography on the side.  After a year’s worth of sporadic, yet increasingly fruitful, gigs as a photographer, I decided I wanted to open my own portrait studio. However, I was bored with Chicago. I wanted to challenge myself.  So I packed my things into a storage unit and moved to  Las Vegas…and suddenly, Studio Redfox was born. I rented a warehouse, put some lipstick on it, and that was it. My life was complete. 

Fast forward one year.  I was driving home from Gamblers Anonymous late one night when I got a gut-wrenching call from my landlord.  He asked me why I left the roll-up door to my warehouse wide open.  I floored the gas and high-tailed it to the studio. I never open that door. Ever.  I prayed under my breath that my landlord was confusing my unit with someone else’s.  Nope.  It was mine.  The metal roll-up door wasn’t just open.  It was pried off..  The studio had been gutted, and someone had  nearly $10000 worth of my equipment. 

learn something.

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