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"Well, howdy! My name's Dallen and I'm the founder and primary photographer here at Studio Redfox. What that basically means is, you'll be seeing an awful lot of me if you book a project with us. I just wanted to say, on behalf of Redfox, thank you, very much, for visiting our site today. It means a lot to all of us."  
Dallen J Boutwell
Founder / Photographer
"I love what I do. It keeps me sane and out of trouble. Having cats and dogs around all the time might be stressful for some people, but the past year has been nothing short of a blast. I do mostly assistant-work behind the scenes, like scheduling and making sure the bills get paid on time."  
Timothy John Lucero
Executive Assistant / Sidekick
"Hey there! I'm Rolo and I'm the techie guy of the bunch. My job at RedFoxPros is to make sure this site is up to scratch, and the blog is filled with interesting and useful stuff. All in all, I love working here. There is always something going on - no time to ever be bored!"
Rolandas Verikas
Website/Blog Manager


 Where to begin?  

Well... In a nutshell, REDFOX Productions, LLC is a fearlessly-creative, independently-owned Media Production studio that started it's life as a 13-year-old's pipe-dream. Twelve years later, it has bounced from Southern Mississippi, to Chicago, to Las Vegas, and now...Beautiful Atlanta, Georgia.

As recent transplants to the wonderful state of peaches, we accept our role as the mighty underdog.  However, what sets us apart from other local studios is our drive. We pursue each project with an  unparalleled focus on uniqueness, creativity and execution, all of which is fueled by a passion for the creation of art.  Who wouldn't love a job where you spend your time crafting everlasting memories out of everyday moments? Moments that, without art, would flicker by and forever be forgotten. 

However, we don't want to simply produce outstanding media for our clients. We have to share the knowledge we've accumulated with other aspiring photographers on our blog so that they, too, can have a chance to make an honest living out of the art they create.

Our blog is a two-way vessel of information regarding photography, business, and everything in between.  Subscribers can give feedback, leave comments, and share how their own experiences have shaped their craft. We highly encourage our readers to Subscribe, so they never miss an opportunity to expand their skillset with helpful tools, weekly guides, and giveaways.  Not to mention, the opportunity to become an intricate part of the REDFOX family.

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Yours truly, 

Dallen J Boutwell

REDFOX Productions, LLC
dallen @ redfoxpros.com