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For most of us, our four legged furry friends are an inseparable part of the family. You could not imagine coming home and not being greeted by an excited woof that tells you how much you have been missed. In their eyes, you have been gone for years. In reality, you were gone for a few hours. Or could you imagine watching your favorite TV series and not feeling the warm cuddles with the soft vibration of a purr. That tender feeling that overwhelms your body – that’s real love.

As much as our pets improve our lives in more ways than it’s possible to mention, they also tend to leave us much sooner than we’d like. That’s the way of nature, and there’s nothing that can be done about that.

What you can do is capture those special moments and those loving eyes in a perfect photograph that will remind you of them for all the years they won’t be there to keep you company anymore. And as good as your phone camera is, it won’t stand a chance against a professional pet photographer’s skillset.

Only the best pet photographer will be able to capture the true essence and character of your pet. And here’s how to find them.

Look through the pet photographer’s portfolio

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Same as you would with a portrait photographer or a wedding photographer, you must always look through the portfolio of a pet photographer. A portfolio is the best possible representation of the photographer’s style, skills and professionalism.

If the pictures grasp your attention as soon as you lay your eyes upon them, that’s a good sign. Do the animals look relaxed and happy? That’s another good sign. After all, you don’t want a photographer that would intimidate or scare your pet. If they are unable to relax or feel comfortable, that is exactly what the photographs will display – not the best way to remember your pet later on, is it?

Looking through the pet photographer’s portfolio will also help you see the style of the photographs they produce. Same as photography in any other kind of field, pet photography varies from a professional to a professional. Pick the one that you related to most. Only you can understand which style will represent you furry friend in the best and most truthful way.

Check the pet photographer’s location


Imagine you found a pet photographer that fits all of your requirements – you love their style, their portfolio is full of beautiful and happy animals, and even the price is accessible. But what good is it if you live in Atlanta and they are based in Las Vegas? That’s a trip that would be too long for either one of you!

Make sure you narrow your search to your location. When looking for a pet photographer online always add your city into the search bar too. This way you will be given the choice of pet photographers that are in your area, and therefore are easily accessible.

Even better if the pet photographer also works on-location. This means they are willing to come to your house, or wherever you prefer your pet’s pictures to be taken. This option is ideal for fluffies that are shy around new people, as being in a place they feel comfortable and safe will give them more chances of relaxing.

You get what you pay for



If it is a Christmas card you want your pet’s picture for, or a silly photoshoot that holds no significance, then going for a cheap pet photographer is not that bad of an idea. However, if you are looking for a tangible artistic memory of your pet to hang on a wall, then you must invest a little bit of money.

Pet photographers that charge very little are usually inexperienced and unprofessional amateurs that are trying to learn the trade by practice. Most likely the final photographs you will receive will not be what you had hoped for at all.

So think about the reason you want to photograph your pet, and decide on your budget according to the importance. Because, just as everywhere else in life, you will get what you pay for.

Have you had your pet’s pictures taken recently by someone? What did you look for in them? Do you have anymore advice we could add to this article? Make sure to leave a comment below if you have any thoughts! We love a good discussion.



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