So if you haven’t noticed, male portraiture seems to be the latest trend.  Everywhere you look on social media, there are photographs of men sultry posing with barely any clothing on.

Some have longing expressions in a black and white setting. Some show off their muscles in romantic lighting. And some barely cover their private parts with a carved pumpkin in a humorous Halloween-themed shoot.

Yet all these photographs have a similar theme.  They are tasteful.  Artistic, even. They’re very different, but they all radiate confidence and make an impact on the viewer nonetheless. That’s because – most of the time – they focus on the model’s character and portray his most honest and confident self. This type of photography is called Dudeoir.


What is Dudeoir?

Dudeoir stems from Boudoir – a type photoshoot for women in lingerie that radiates erotica. Boudoir has been around for a very long time (since the 1940’s) and is still as popular as ever. Seems like every other photography studio in Atlanta offers Boudoir photoshoots for women, which is great!

But it has also branched out into other styles of photography, such as couple’s Boudoir and Dudeoir.


Types of Dudeoir

Similar to Boudoir, Dudeoir focuses on portraying the male model in a possibly erotic atmosphere. Different techniques and photography skills get applied to bring out the model’s personality and make it shine through in their pictures.

However, Dudeoir can come in many forms.

  • Sexual Dudeoir

Imagine dim lights, minimal amount of clothing, and sensual posing – Dudeoir can scream erotica, but never pornography. Sexual Dudeoir photoshoot is a great surprise for your partner on Valentine’s day, birthday, anniversary, or any other special occasion.

Sexual Dudeoir can just as much be a celebration of your body as it can be an exploration of your sexuality. Seeing yourself in such context can be empowering and give you more confidence.

  • Whimsical Dudeoir

Dudeoir doesn’t necessarily have to mean sexy. It can just as well mean tasteful humor.

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Posing erotically is not your thing? Feeling a little shy as you’re out of shape? Or perhaps these photographs are a gift for someone other than your partner? Then you can always go for funny instead of erotic.

Pick a theme and set your photoshoot to suit it. Organize props, get the most revealing costume, and bring a good mood to your shoot. Stuff’s about to get crazy.

On a more serious note, there are tons of different ideas and settings that can go for. And as long as the photoshoot is done tastefully, whimsical Dudeoir can be just as effective and thought provoking as sexual Dudeoir.


Who is Dudeoir for?

Unlike many believe, Dudeoir is definitely not exclusive for professional male models. Anyone can have a photoshoot of this type. After all, the main goal is to appreciate the sexuality of the male body, no matter shape or size. And that’s exactly what makes this type of photography awesome.

Macho Men

If you have been working hard for months (or possibly even years) to achieve your perfect body shape, there is no better way to celebrate this accomplishment than by having a photoshoot. And a Dudeoir type of shoot focuses on enhancing your hard-earned results by showing off your muscles in the most complimentary lighting.

Ever dreamt of looking like Brad Pitt? This is how you make it happen. You bring the muscles, and I will mount the camera.


Devoted Partner

Dudeoir-style photographs of yourself can be a great gift to your partner on pretty much any occasion. Imagine packing a beautiful box full of pictures that show your partner why they are so damn lucky to have you. It’s great!

Whether it’s sultry and erotic or good-spirited and charming, photographs of this kind are sure to spice things up in the bedroom.

Loving Couple

Another awesome idea for a present to your partner is a photoshoot for you both. Although technically it’s considered couples Boudoir, not Dudeoir, this type of shoot will capture your love and chemistry in a sensual environment._1070700

Will they be safe to frame and place on your mantelpiece? Well, that depends on what kind of photo shoot you are looking for. But, as a general rule, I try to capture at least a few shots that are going to be worthy of a spot on your wall.

Why more men should do photoshoots

No matter your reasons, I’m thrilled that you are considering having a photoshoot. In fact, I strongly believe that everyone should go and have their pictures professionally taken, especially men.


Because loving yourself should always come first, no matter your gender.

Many men still feel repressed when it comes to appreciating one self’s looks and feelings. Well, it’s 2018 and times have changed. It’s time everyone gets a chance to feel good and confident in themselves. And not the macho king of confidence. It is time to find your emotional side as well.

During the photo shoot, all focus goes on you and your story. It highlights the most positive aspects of your character and captures your honest emotions. It’s the best way to see yourself in the most truthful light, which is what will give you confidence in all other aspects of your life.

What do you think?

Have you ever had a Dudeoir photoshoot? If yes, how did you enjoy it? Was it a great surprise to your partner? Or did you have it to celebrate your personal achievements? Whatever the reason, I hope you had a good time and got awesome photographs.

And if you haven’t had one yet, or you’d like a new one, it’s time to book yourself in. After all, what better way to celebrate your own sexual potential than through tasteful and stylish photos that you get to keep forever?

Want to Give it a Shot?

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