What is Dudeoir?

Dudeoir photography, is the male equivalent to Boudoir, a style of photography in which women pose for photographs partially clothed or in lingerie. Dudeoir is no different, as it is not intentionally portrayed as sexual in nature, but instead, as a tasteful celebration of masculinity, or lack thereof.

As a society, we have pretty much moved past the idea that women should always be delicate and feminine, and men should be rough, tough, and masculine. However, it is still quite common to stereotype men and women in this way. The word "sexy" mostly resonates with the female body and it is only acceptable for women to indulge in their sexuality and beauty without societal repercussions.

The Boudoir niche of the 1920's celebrated the female body no matter it's size or imperfections, and it has grown significantly in popularity since then, with women from all over the world doing photoshoots in their lingerie as gifts to their husbands, or simply for a surge of self-confidence. No doubt, it feels good to look at a well-taken photograph of yourself in the flesh. Yet, as wonderful as this mindset is, there has been something missing.


And this is where Dudeoir comes in.

"Ha ha.. Very funny..."

As soon as Dudeoir gained some popularity in the United States, photoshoots of men in funny “sexual” poses started going viral and swamped the internet. They were funny, I admit. However, I personally think it's crucial to dispel the idea that male sexuality can only be funny. Not only is that false, it’s also kind of damaging to the image of man.

The point of Dudeoir is to celebrate the sensuality and beauty of a male body in a tasteful, yet provocative way, exactly like Boudoir does with the female body. And no, you don’t need abs of steel and shoulders that could carry the whole nation to be sexy. Being sexy is a part of every ordinary man and woman. It's called confidence.

What to Expect

I take Dudeoir very seriously. We work together with our models to create the best possible photographs – portraits that radiate sensuality and confidence.  We do this by first spending some time together and building trust. After all, not many people feel that confident getting half (or fully) naked in front of a stranger with a camera. So we have a chat about expectations, potential results, and anything else that would help calm your nerves.  Then, we discuss what parts of the body you are most self-conscious of, and which parts you love the most. This is the kind of information that helps us during the shoot. We organize the poses and lighting with this knowledge and focus on the parts that you love while avoiding capturing the parts you don’t really like.

During the photoshoot I work very hard at trying to make you feel as comfortable as possible by creating a relaxed and positive environment. I will never rush and always put your needs first.

After the photoshoot we take a quick look at some of the best shots to pick your favorites (if you wish).

Then, I will begin working on the post-production stage of your photos, and you leave into the world a changed and confident man! 

Why Every Man Should Try it... At Least ONCE

Being comfortable in your own skin is a huge part of being happy. Only by accepting your flaws and insecurities inside and out will you ever be truly content. Moreover, only by loving yourself unconditionally will you ever be able to love someone else. It’s deep but it’s true.  And if you feel like you don’t need any more reassurance when it comes to your looks, there is always the main reason for a Dudeoir photoshoot – it’s tons of fun!  What self-assured, confident man wouldn’t LOVE to pose in front of a camera in their undies? Yeah. Everyone likes to have their ego stroked once in a while!

Jokes aside, Dudeoir is also a great way to celebrate a milestone, such as successful weight loss or body building goals. Or to simply remind your significant othe why they are lucky to have you

Fun fact: Traditionally, the proper first anniversary gift…is paper. 


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