Gone are the days when a business card and an occasional leaflet would bring crowds of customers through the door. Now that everyone has a camera in their back pocket, it’s getting harder and harder to get recognized in your field and to find paying clientele. Sure, you can spend tons on advertising and it just might get the job done. You absolutely must have a beautiful website that shows not only your portfolio and prices, but your character and preferred style too. You have to secure your image as a professional using all of the tools at your disposal.


But there is one tool that often gets forgotten, or misjudged – a blog. And here’s why it shouldn’t be. (this one’s for you, Peter)

3 reasons why you should add a blog to your professional website

  • Reason One: Impressing the clients with your knowledge

What better way to show that you are an expert in your field than by sharing your knowledge in public? I mean, there are only three stages of learning a skill – being a novice who does not know much, being proficient and knowing enough to do it alone, and being an expert that can teach others. In other words, as soon you are knowledgeable enough to teach others, you instantly become an expert in your field. And THAT is the impression you want to give your potential clients.


  • Reason Two: Becoming recognized in your industry

Having a blog on your website gives you a chance to share really useful information. And since your blog will be mainly read by other photographers, this can be your chance to make yourself known in your industry. And isn’t this every artist’s dream? To be known by your peers as someone they can learn from?




But keep in mind that this also means producing quality content. Your potential customers may “aww” and “ahh” at your fancy titles, but it’ your peers that will be the true judges of your blog.


  • Reason Three: Possibility of passive income

Perhaps the most popular reason to starting a blog is the dream of passive income – to simply sit down, look at your screen, and see the money roll in without you having to do anything. Of course, as much we’d all love that to be as effortless as it sounds, it requires time and effort.

This is why you mustn’t get demotivated if you’d been publishing regular posts for a few months now, but the passive dollar doesn’t seem to find its way into your bank account. Be patient. Empires weren’t built overnight. Keep doing what you’re doing, and sooner or later you’ll reach your goal. In the meantime, keep writing! You’ve got future photographers to teach and clients to impress!


So all in all, starting a blog is definitely a good step to take if you are trying to make it as a professional photographer. When done right, it can really work in your favor and make a huge difference to your business. So do your best to dig up all of the knowledge from the deepest corners of your memory and blow off the dust. Then crack those fingers and get typing!



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