How to get free Instagram followers in 5 steps

How to get free Instagram followers in 5 easy steps

We all know and love Instagram, the internet-based mobile photo-sharing app, where users can show their pictures and videos to the masses. Instagram provides us with various filters to digitally enhance our posts, as well as the ability to add hashtags and customizable “geo-tags”.

Launched in 2010, Instagram became popular almost instantly, with more than one million registered users in two months, 10 million within a year, and ultimately, more than 700 MILLION USERS as of April 2017.

That, my friends, is the equivalent of roughly 10% of the world’s entire population.  Wouldn’t you like to know how to turn them all into regular paying customers? Read on.

We often hear stories of Instagrammers who are making money off pictures of their half-finished plates of food, and we sit here thinking, “Why not me?”

Similar to bloggers, YouTubers, and anyone else who’s amassed an audience around the content they produce, Instagrammers have a huge reach and influence to engage the market.

Together, reach and influence, offer the opportunity for Instagram users to explore multiple avenues of potential revenue, whether they want to build a business off it or just earn some cash and freebies on the side.

So now to the basics…

How to get free Instagram followers in 5 steps
How to get free Instagram followers in 5 steps


Step 1: A Cult Following

Many people think it’s about the huge number of followers that bring in the cash. Actually, it is more about the quality than the quantity. While having hundreds of thousands followers certainly won’t damage your image, there’s more you’ll need than just a big number on your Instagram account.

While top Instagrammers can make thousands per post by sharing pics of their leftovers to countless followers, even those with a ‘smaller-but-engaged’ following of less than 1000 can make a decent profit.

What you need is engagement – the more people engage with your post, the better. But having a ton of people following your account is also helpful.

To increase your followers on Instagram your account must be:


  • Engaging
  • Relatable
  • Attractive


Your Instagram account must have a clear direction. If your goal is to showcase your best photography, you should stick to it and never post irrelevant photos.

Unless you’re a celebrity, only people who know you in real life (and think you’re the bee’s knees) would be interested in following your daily activities…and maybe, not even then.

So adjust your focus before thinking of monetizing.

Step 2: A Well-fed Feed

Your description of yourself and a cool profile pic might not be as important as you think.

It’s better and more worthwhile to have a great looking photo-feed, because that’s what people will look at when they make a decision about following you.

Ensure that your photo feed matches your focus. Regular uploads and high quality photos that indicate a specific channel of activity does wonders for a professional Instagram account. Get on it!

Step 3: Exploit, Exploit, Exploit!

Exploit like you’re Shirley Temple’s parents.

When your profile is finally up, let the world know about it. Exploit every social media network you have ever owned. Nobody who ever made money online did so by being shy about it.

Your entire list of contacts can be made aware of your account by a short, friendly, yet thoughtful email describing the theme and purpose of your account, thus politely beckoning their highly-valued “follow” status.

Depending on the size of your network, this is a reasonable way to start off and gain your first 100-or-so followers.

exploiting social media for your instagram

Step 4: Insta-mingling

Having done all of the above, it’s then important to approach even more people who will be interested in seeing your photos.

The best way to engage on Instagram is simply to leave a proper comment on their feed:


  • Find a photo on someone’s feed that peaks your interest.
  • Double-tap (“like”) it.
  • Leave a thoughtful comment.  (“Stunning photo! d=3”)


….in short, try and use your human skills to connect with people. Nine times out of 10, people will reciprocate the gesture.

Don’t forget to search for relevant hashtags that echo the basics of your account and accordingly engage with users with similar content as yours.  This just makes sense, considering those are people who are actually going to care about your posts.  They don’t know it yet, but they will soon be a part of your cult following.

TIP: It’s better to comment on recently posted photos AND good photos which haven’t received much love. Adding a comment to a photo which has already received dozens of comments is a lot less likely to be noticed.

Iconosquare is a very useful application to track the progress of your account and post comments. They charge a fee but provide with you great stats explaining the progress of your account. It’s definitely a good addition for your tool-shed whilst your account blooms into a proper money-tree.

How to get free Instagram followers in 5 steps

Step 5: Lather, Rinse, Repeat

Almost everything ever written on Instagram followers stresses on the quality of content. Keep posting high quality content and your trusty followers will continue to support you. Posts need to be frequent, but be careful not to overdo it. It’s best to keep a minimum of six hours between posts. One post a day is a good rule of thumb.

Get on it!

Now that you have the right information of how to monetize your Instagram account, get right on it. This process takes time but when done right it will bring in revenue you did not expect. Lastly, do not give up when the road gets bumpy. This is a process that isn’t easy – if it were, it definitely wouldn’t be worth it.

Good luck!



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