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What is Redfox?

Glad you asked. 

Redfox started as nothing more than a logo. I was in high school, and I had to create a logo for a project in my creative writing class. The assignment was to create a business, so Redfox was the name of my fictional media production studio. A studio that covered every base of media production: photography, video, graphics, and print.  It was edgy, and cool, and created content that shaped a new generation of media. I put together a colorful, beautiful, fast-paced world, where creation and individuality were celebrated.  
As I got older, that fox logo evolved into a business plan.  It would start with photography.  I created Redfox as with the idea that one day I would build a team made up of anyone and everyone committed to collaborating, promoting, and sharing their ideas, inspiring others, and celebrating life on this wonderful, unique planet. And that is the Redfox mission. 
To define individuality by creating content that promotes the collaboration, inspiration, and acceptance of new and unique ideas.
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Package Pricing

Family Package

  • Up to 1-2 Locations
  • No Time-Limit
  • Includes: (1) 12x18, (1) 11x14, (2) 8x10, (4) 5x7
  • Optional Framed 11x14 "Family Portrait"

Audition Package

  • 2-4 Looks/Outfits
  • Studio or On-Location
  • Includes: 1on1 RAW Viewing, (6) Headshots w/Resume attached
  • Additional prints

Paw Prints Package

  • Home or Studio
  • 10 Hi-Res Downloads
  • Includes: (1) 11x14, (1) 5x7, (12) Wallets
  • Free Treats, Toys, and Tons of Fun

Dallen created my company logo, business cards, and event menus. 

He has a keen eye for detail and pleasing aesthetic.

Dallen was also the photographer for one of my private events.  The pictures turned out beautifully.  They were obviously taken by a trained eye and with a unique approach.

Matthew Hunnel

Chicago, IL

I really enjoyed working with Dallen. He was very fun and gives good feedback. Loved how the photos came out.

Kristina Vetter

Las Vegas, NV

Dallen is such a joy to work with. He is extremely talented, gets the job done, and his personality is one of a kind. I’d hire him for any of my events.

Peter Valcarce

Salt Lake City, UT
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