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Convincing Men to do Photoshoots

So if you haven’t noticed, male portraiture seems to be the latest trend.  Everywhere you look on social media, there are photographs of men sultry posing with barely any clothing on.

Some have longing expressions in a black and white setting. Some show off their muscles in romantic lighting. And some barely cover their private parts with a carved pumpkin in a humorous Halloween-themed shoot.

Yet all these photographs have a similar theme.  They are tasteful.  Artistic, even. They’re very different, but they all radiate confidence and make an impact on the viewer nonetheless. That’s because – most of the time – they focus on the model’s character and portray his most honest and confident self. This type of photography is called Dudeoir.


What is Dudeoir?

Dudeoir stems from Boudoir – a type photoshoot for women in lingerie that radiates erotica. Boudoir has been around for a very long time (since the 1940’s) and is still as popular as ever. Seems like every other photography studio in Atlanta offers Boudoir photoshoots for women, which is great!

But it has also branched out into other styles of photography, such as couple’s Boudoir and Dudeoir.


Types of Dudeoir

Similar to Boudoir, Dudeoir focuses on portraying the male model in a possibly erotic atmosphere. Different techniques and photography skills get applied to bring out the model’s personality and make it shine through in their pictures.

However, Dudeoir can come in many forms.

  • Sexual Dudeoir

Imagine dim lights, minimal amount of clothing, and sensual posing – Dudeoir can scream erotica, but never pornography. Sexual Dudeoir photoshoot is a great surprise for your partner on Valentine’s day, birthday, anniversary, or any other special occasion.

Sexual Dudeoir can just as much be a celebration of your body as it can be an exploration of your sexuality. Seeing yourself in such context can be empowering and give you more confidence.

  • Whimsical Dudeoir

Dudeoir doesn’t necessarily have to mean sexy. It can just as well mean tasteful humor.

paul_koko_bj_wht (222 of 295) copy

Posing erotically is not your thing? Feeling a little shy as you’re out of shape? Or perhaps these photographs are a gift for someone other than your partner? Then you can always go for funny instead of erotic.

Pick a theme and set your photoshoot to suit it. Organize props, get the most revealing costume, and bring a good mood to your shoot. Stuff’s about to get crazy.

On a more serious note, there are tons of different ideas and settings that can go for. And as long as the photoshoot is done tastefully, whimsical Dudeoir can be just as effective and thought provoking as sexual Dudeoir.


Who is Dudeoir for?

Unlike many believe, Dudeoir is definitely not exclusive for professional male models. Anyone can have a photoshoot of this type. After all, the main goal is to appreciate the sexuality of the male body, no matter shape or size. And that’s exactly what makes this type of photography awesome.

Macho Men

If you have been working hard for months (or possibly even years) to achieve your perfect body shape, there is no better way to celebrate this accomplishment than by having a photoshoot. And a Dudeoir type of shoot focuses on enhancing your hard-earned results by showing off your muscles in the most complimentary lighting.

Ever dreamt of looking like Brad Pitt? This is how you make it happen. You bring the muscles, and I will mount the camera.


Devoted Partner

Dudeoir-style photographs of yourself can be a great gift to your partner on pretty much any occasion. Imagine packing a beautiful box full of pictures that show your partner why they are so damn lucky to have you. It’s great!

Whether it’s sultry and erotic or good-spirited and charming, photographs of this kind are sure to spice things up in the bedroom.

Loving Couple

Another awesome idea for a present to your partner is a photoshoot for you both. Although technically it’s considered couples Boudoir, not Dudeoir, this type of shoot will capture your love and chemistry in a sensual environment._1070700

Will they be safe to frame and place on your mantelpiece? Well, that depends on what kind of photo shoot you are looking for. But, as a general rule, I try to capture at least a few shots that are going to be worthy of a spot on your wall.

Why more men should do photoshoots

No matter your reasons, I’m thrilled that you are considering having a photoshoot. In fact, I strongly believe that everyone should go and have their pictures professionally taken, especially men.


Because loving yourself should always come first, no matter your gender.

Many men still feel repressed when it comes to appreciating one self’s looks and feelings. Well, it’s 2018 and times have changed. It’s time everyone gets a chance to feel good and confident in themselves. And not the macho king of confidence. It is time to find your emotional side as well.

During the photo shoot, all focus goes on you and your story. It highlights the most positive aspects of your character and captures your honest emotions. It’s the best way to see yourself in the most truthful light, which is what will give you confidence in all other aspects of your life.

What do you think?

Have you ever had a Dudeoir photoshoot? If yes, how did you enjoy it? Was it a great surprise to your partner? Or did you have it to celebrate your personal achievements? Whatever the reason, I hope you had a good time and got awesome photographs.

And if you haven’t had one yet, or you’d like a new one, it’s time to book yourself in. After all, what better way to celebrate your own sexual potential than through tasteful and stylish photos that you get to keep forever?

Want to Give it a Shot?

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3 Must-Know Secrets to Working With Inexperienced Male Models

How to Pose Inexperienced Male Models

Men are generally more nervous when it comes to posing for the camera. This is especially true if they have no previous “modeling” experience under their belts. And as we all know, the camera can really capture what may not be visible to the eye. Meaning, all that uncertainty gets amplified through our lens, and becomes extra visible in our pictures.

That’s why it’s essential to make your model feel comfortable and confident. It’s crucial to help them with posing, and ensure they look and feel their very best.
This guide to posing inexperienced men will help you get the kind of photographs that you and your model want, no matter if it’s a family picture, portrait, or one of my dudeoir photoshoots. It all comes down to these three steps.

Step One: Create the environment

As soon as your model arrives, make them feel welcome. Sit down together, have a chat, and get to know each other. Breaking the ice is very important before the start of the shoot, as trust is essential. That’s how you get the best quality photographs that everyone is happy about.
Now, depending on the type of the photoshoot you are about to do, here are some tips on what you can talk about:

• Discuss the reason for this photoshoot

Is it for work? For a partner? Will this be a surprise gift? All these details add another layer to the way you want the photos to look.

• Discuss the desired outcome

If this is a photoshoot for work, your model will most likely want the photographs to radiate confidence and power. If it’s a surprise for a partner, then love and lust will probably take the center stage. Ask your model what they want these pictures to portray.

• Ask how comfortable they are in front of the camera

Knowing this will help you direct your model, and make sure they are not pushed too hard. After all, you want the photoshoot to be a pleasant experience for everyone. That’s the only way to achieve the results that you want – great pictures, a happy model, and a proud photographer.

Step Two: Pose your model’s body

Here are the best body poses that even the most inexperienced male models can nail on their first try. With just the right amount of direction, you can have them looking like David Beckham.

• Crossed arms stance (or “Dad at the BBQ” pose)

Have your model relax his shoulders, pull them back a little, and cross his arms on top of his chest. His core must always be tense, even if he’s wearing a top – this provides the picture with more presence.
If it’s a full body shot, then turning him slightly sideways and having him cross his legs as well gives the pose more dimension. Make sure full weight is put only on one leg to avoid an awkward pose.

• Hands in pockets (or “Let me take you on a date” pose)


Have your model square his shoulders by relaxing them and pushing them slightly towards the camera. This gives the whole frame of the body more masculinity and confidence.

Then, have your model put his hands in his pockets, and put his weight on one hip. And if you are after more confidence, have him hold a jacket over his shoulder.

• Walking (or “Strolling through life” pose)

Have your model put one leg forward, whilst leaving one leg back. The front foot should have the heel on the floor and the toes above ground. And the back foot must hold all weight on the ball of the foot.
Then have one arm slightly pushed forward, and one swinging back. If you are using props (such as clothing, or a briefcase), posing the arms will be easier. Also, you can always have one hand in the pocket – this add more relaxed confidence.
When it comes to the posture, ensure your model’s shoulders are relaxed and pushed slightly back, whilst the core is fully engaged. The head should be facing the direction the model is walking towards, with the chin slightly raised.

• Leaning against a wall (or “The world is at my feet” pose)

One of the many ways you can have your model leaning against a wall is by putting his hands in his pockets, placing one of his shoulders against the wall, and having one of his legs bent and also leaning against the wall.
Make sure the shoulders are completely relaxed, the core tense, and the chin slightly raised.
P.S. You can have your model cross his arms in this pose too.

Step Three: Pose the model’s face

You can have your model acing the pose, but if the facial expression is out of place, the picture is ruined. Here are three facial poses that will never let you down.

• The longing stare

Have your model look into the lens of the camera, with eyes slightly squinted and head slightly tilted. This will project a thoughtful and confident emotion.

• The big smile

If you have your model smiling, facing the camera or not, make sure the teeth are visible. A small smirk will not have the same effect as a full smile that shows off those pearly whites.

• Thoughtful stare into the distance

Many inexperienced male models find this pose easiest to adapt to. Simply have your model look past the camera and into the distance. It you position the head facing slightly sideways, it provides a more natural and relaxed overall look.

• The sexy laugh

If your male model has a gorgeous smile, make them laugh and look slightly towards the floor. This will provide the “seductive, yet vulnerable” feel to the picture, driving their partner crazy.

Some extra tips

By simply varying the body and face poses mentioned above you will be able to create different emotions and atmospheres in the pictures. But to ensure the quality is always top-notch, keep these pointers in mind:
• Make sure the hands are always busy and never just hanging by the sides.
• Keep the chin raised from the neck, even if your model is looking at the floor.
• Don’t use too many props – it takes away attention from your model.
• No matter the pose, always have your model’s chest open and shoulders down.
Try these tips out and let us know how they worked! And if you’d like to learn more about professional photography, make sure you subscribe to our newsletter.

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Dudeoir: Explained

What is "Dude"-oir?


(n.) | (dü-ˌdwär) | dude·oir dud – oir

  1. a tasteful, yet enticing, masculine spin-off of boudoirphotography
  2. subtly provocative portraits of men that capture the essence of the masculine form in various states of undress, without being sexual in nature.


As a society, we’re doing a pretty good job at squashing the stereotypes of the past.  For example, we’ve come a pretty long way from thinking that women should be delicate and feminine – or that men should always be portrayed as strong and masculine.  In today’s time, the lines are becoming more and more blurred as androgyny and same-sex relationships become less of a social taboo. It’s strange, but also wonderful to think that the children being born hereafter will never know a world where gay marriage isn’t legal. It is pretty interesting that our next generation of adults will live in a society filled with acceptance, with true freedom to love whoever they want without criticism.

In this new society, we have had to redefine sexuality as we know it. For example, the word sexy mostly resonates with the female body, and only women can freely indulge in their sexuality and beauty without societal repercussions.

The photography style “Boudoir” came out in the 1920’s, in which the female body is celebrated no matter the models’ size or her imperfections. Yet as wonderful as this mindset is, there is something missing.

What? – you ask.

Well, men, of course!

And this is where Dudeoir comes in.


Where Does it Come From?

Dudeoir comes from the photography style Boudoir, a predominantly femenine niche  that celebrates the female body in a natural and beautiful way.   Dudeoir became popular in the UK in the early 2000’s, and it is now tearing through American cities like a bull in a china cabinet, proudly paving the way for male body positivity, self-exploration, mental-health awareness, and self-confidence.  The models are usually only partially clothed in order to reveal some skin, or in some cases, fully nude but always in a tasteful manner. Some Dudeoir photographers, like myself, make it a point to leave the most private bits to the viewer’s imagination.  

I know what you’re thinking.  


Absolutely not.

It is very different from what one would call pornography, because by nature, these portraits are not intended to be erotic, or to cause arousal to the viewer.  It is essentially whatever the model wants it to be, showing as much or as little skin as he is comfortable with. Sometimes props can be used, but the focus is always on the masculine form. Dudeoir is all about capturing the inner spirit of the dude in front of the camera.  To see through the skin and into the soul –  that is my challenge as the photographer.

Is it Supposed to be Funny?

As soon as Dudeoir gained some popularity, photoshoots of men in funny “sexual” poses started going viral and swamped the internet. Now let me set the record straight.  I have a pretty damn good sense of humor…but I also believe that it’s preposterous to think that male sexuality can only be funny. Not only is that extremely UN-true, it’s also kind of damaging to the image of man.  Here is a prime example: Dudeoir by Cameo.  This UK photographer elegantly captures her subjects in a way that promotes the subject’s masculinity, elegance, and confidence.


“…I’m not exactly model material”:..

The actual point of Dudeoir is to celebrate being a mantaking pride in who you are, to beautify the media’s stereotype of the male body, to instead be viewed in a more natural, more marketable way (exactly like Boudoir does with a female body). And no, you don’t need chiseled shoulders – or buns that could chip a tooth  – in order to have a sexy Dudeoir shoot.  Professional dudeoir photographers usually are quite experienced in terms of lights and shadows, and if it comes down to it, we’re usually equally as skilled in photoshop.  I always reassure my models, adn anyone would agree, that self-confidence is 10X more attractive than abs of steel.

⌈Need some “Pin-spiration” for your next Dudeoir session?⌋

I take Dudeoir very seriously. It’s a legitimate niche with a legitimate market that’s vastly undersaturated here in the US. due to how society continues to perceive the masculine form.  At the same time, self-esteem is at an all time low.  Men who don’t spend every day in the gym see themselves as invaluable, like they won’t be “sexy” until they look like the guys on tv.  Again, this is a direct result of the media; we barely see men on tv shirtless nowadays.  If we do, you can bet he is there to show off his washboard stomach, usually accompanied by a head full of rocks.   


So… here’s my chance to plead my case. I grew up in a small, conservative town in Mississippi – so why am I taking photos of (partially) nude men? 

Because I like it. I’m good at it. Not to mention it allows me to rub shoulders with the kind of people I’ve always admired. People who are proud to be who they are.  People who are unafraid to rock the boat and push their limits. These people are usually very intelligent and don’t settle for less than they deserve.  These individuals are the embodiment of masculinity. Real men know who they are in this world and they’re not afraid to show it.


The Process

Sit back while I walk you through the Redfox process – how I take photos that radiate sensuality and confidence, but still produce photos a mother can be proud of.

First, I will recommend that we spend some time together building trust, usually over coffee or lunch – a day or two prior to shooting.  After all, not many people feel that confident getting half-naked (much less, fully naked) in front of a complete stranger holding a camera. 

Actually, I think I’ve had that nightmare.

So, when we meet prior to the shoot, we chat about your expectations, potential results, whether or not you plan to order prints, or maybe one of our new Look-books or Portfolios.  This is where you can ask me any general questions you may have.

I’ll answer the most popular question of all right here for you!

No dicks allowed…  

As a personal choice, none of my finished, edited photographs will ever show full-frontal nudity. I believe it to be distracting and overbearing. It prevents the viewer from appreciating the story being told by the photograph, and most importantly, it limits where you can exhibit your hard work.  

We will discuss what features and what parts of your body you are more self-conscious of, and which parts you love the most. This is your opportunity to get all the ego out of your system, cuz if you barge up into my studio doing the flex-y “beachball” thing… I’m gonna sit you in a bathtub and stick floaties on you.  

The idea is to capture a different side of you.  A side that vastly differs from the side that the world gets to see. 

This is the kind of information that helps me during the shoot itself.  I organize the poses and adjust lighting accordingly, and by the end of it, we have not only told a story, but we have real portraits, real emotion, focusing on the parts of the body you love while avoiding capturing parts you don’t really like.

The model release forms will be discussed thoroughly before any shots are taken.  It is very important that you make it clear on the form whether or not you allow your photos to be used for promotional use.  

There IS A BOX that makes SURE your photos stay 100% private, otherwise they will be posted to my website and used in future marketing materials.  However, I know from experience that once you see the finished photos, you will want to show the world.

During the photoshoot it is important to make you feel as comfortable as possible.  You can expect a relaxed environment, full of positive energy.  If you are too hot or too cold, let me know. Need some water or a snack? Not a problem.  Heck, if you feel like listening to a certain artist or station will get you in the right frame of mind, GO FOR IT.  I never rush through a shoot and I will always put your needs first.

After the photoshoot, we may take a look at what I believe will be some of the best shots. (This is a courtesy, as an unprocessed raw image sometimes looks very different than the final product) Then, you and I will part ways and I can begin working on the post-production stage of your session, the editing.   This leaves you to leap back into the real world – changed, confident, and sexually charged!