What is "Dude"-oir?


(n.) | (dü-ˌdwär) | dude·oir dud – oir

  1. a tasteful, yet enticing, masculine spin-off of boudoirphotography
  2. subtly provocative portraits of men that capture the essence of the masculine form in various states of undress, without being sexual in nature.


As a society, we’re doing a pretty good job at squashing the stereotypes of the past.  For example, we’ve come a pretty long way from thinking that women should be delicate and feminine – or that men should always be portrayed as strong and masculine.  In today’s time, the lines are becoming more and more blurred as androgyny and same-sex relationships become less of a social taboo. It’s strange, but also wonderful to think that the children being born hereafter will never know a world where gay marriage isn’t legal. It is pretty interesting that our next generation of adults will live in a society filled with acceptance, with true freedom to love whoever they want without criticism.

In this new society, we have had to redefine sexuality as we know it. For example, the word sexy mostly resonates with the female body, and only women can freely indulge in their sexuality and beauty without societal repercussions.

The photography style “Boudoir” came out in the 1920’s, in which the female body is celebrated no matter the models’ size or her imperfections. Yet as wonderful as this mindset is, there is something missing.

What? – you ask.

Well, men, of course!

And this is where Dudeoir comes in.


Where Does it Come From?

Dudeoir comes from the photography style Boudoir, a predominantly femenine niche  that celebrates the female body in a natural and beautiful way.   Dudeoir became popular in the UK in the early 2000’s, and it is now tearing through American cities like a bull in a china cabinet, proudly paving the way for male body positivity, self-exploration, mental-health awareness, and self-confidence.  The models are usually only partially clothed in order to reveal some skin, or in some cases, fully nude but always in a tasteful manner. Some Dudeoir photographers, like myself, make it a point to leave the most private bits to the viewer’s imagination.  

I know what you’re thinking.  


Absolutely not.

It is very different from what one would call pornography, because by nature, these portraits are not intended to be erotic, or to cause arousal to the viewer.  It is essentially whatever the model wants it to be, showing as much or as little skin as he is comfortable with. Sometimes props can be used, but the focus is always on the masculine form. Dudeoir is all about capturing the inner spirit of the dude in front of the camera.  To see through the skin and into the soul –  that is my challenge as the photographer.

Is it Supposed to be Funny?

As soon as Dudeoir gained some popularity, photoshoots of men in funny “sexual” poses started going viral and swamped the internet. Now let me set the record straight.  I have a pretty damn good sense of humor…but I also believe that it’s preposterous to think that male sexuality can only be funny. Not only is that extremely UN-true, it’s also kind of damaging to the image of man.  Here is a prime example: Dudeoir by Cameo.  This UK photographer elegantly captures her subjects in a way that promotes the subject’s masculinity, elegance, and confidence.


“…I’m not exactly model material”:..

The actual point of Dudeoir is to celebrate being a mantaking pride in who you are, to beautify the media’s stereotype of the male body, to instead be viewed in a more natural, more marketable way (exactly like Boudoir does with a female body). And no, you don’t need chiseled shoulders – or buns that could chip a tooth  – in order to have a sexy Dudeoir shoot.  Professional dudeoir photographers usually are quite experienced in terms of lights and shadows, and if it comes down to it, we’re usually equally as skilled in photoshop.  I always reassure my models, adn anyone would agree, that self-confidence is 10X more attractive than abs of steel.

⌈Need some “Pin-spiration” for your next Dudeoir session?⌋

I take Dudeoir very seriously. It’s a legitimate niche with a legitimate market that’s vastly undersaturated here in the US. due to how society continues to perceive the masculine form.  At the same time, self-esteem is at an all time low.  Men who don’t spend every day in the gym see themselves as invaluable, like they won’t be “sexy” until they look like the guys on tv.  Again, this is a direct result of the media; we barely see men on tv shirtless nowadays.  If we do, you can bet he is there to show off his washboard stomach, usually accompanied by a head full of rocks.   


So… here’s my chance to plead my case. I grew up in a small, conservative town in Mississippi – so why am I taking photos of (partially) nude men? 

Because I like it. I’m good at it. Not to mention it allows me to rub shoulders with the kind of people I’ve always admired. People who are proud to be who they are.  People who are unafraid to rock the boat and push their limits. These people are usually very intelligent and don’t settle for less than they deserve.  These individuals are the embodiment of masculinity. Real men know who they are in this world and they’re not afraid to show it.


The Process

Sit back while I walk you through the Redfox process – how I take photos that radiate sensuality and confidence, but still produce photos a mother can be proud of.

First, I will recommend that we spend some time together building trust, usually over coffee or lunch – a day or two prior to shooting.  After all, not many people feel that confident getting half-naked (much less, fully naked) in front of a complete stranger holding a camera. 

Actually, I think I’ve had that nightmare.

So, when we meet prior to the shoot, we chat about your expectations, potential results, whether or not you plan to order prints, or maybe one of our new Look-books or Portfolios.  This is where you can ask me any general questions you may have.

I’ll answer the most popular question of all right here for you!

No dicks allowed…  

As a personal choice, none of my finished, edited photographs will ever show full-frontal nudity. I believe it to be distracting and overbearing. It prevents the viewer from appreciating the story being told by the photograph, and most importantly, it limits where you can exhibit your hard work.  

We will discuss what features and what parts of your body you are more self-conscious of, and which parts you love the most. This is your opportunity to get all the ego out of your system, cuz if you barge up into my studio doing the flex-y “beachball” thing… I’m gonna sit you in a bathtub and stick floaties on you.  

The idea is to capture a different side of you.  A side that vastly differs from the side that the world gets to see. 

This is the kind of information that helps me during the shoot itself.  I organize the poses and adjust lighting accordingly, and by the end of it, we have not only told a story, but we have real portraits, real emotion, focusing on the parts of the body you love while avoiding capturing parts you don’t really like.

The model release forms will be discussed thoroughly before any shots are taken.  It is very important that you make it clear on the form whether or not you allow your photos to be used for promotional use.  

There IS A BOX that makes SURE your photos stay 100% private, otherwise they will be posted to my website and used in future marketing materials.  However, I know from experience that once you see the finished photos, you will want to show the world.

During the photoshoot it is important to make you feel as comfortable as possible.  You can expect a relaxed environment, full of positive energy.  If you are too hot or too cold, let me know. Need some water or a snack? Not a problem.  Heck, if you feel like listening to a certain artist or station will get you in the right frame of mind, GO FOR IT.  I never rush through a shoot and I will always put your needs first.

After the photoshoot, we may take a look at what I believe will be some of the best shots. (This is a courtesy, as an unprocessed raw image sometimes looks very different than the final product) Then, you and I will part ways and I can begin working on the post-production stage of your session, the editing.   This leaves you to leap back into the real world – changed, confident, and sexually charged!



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